3 mistakes to avoid developing a Branded App

Many agencies and developers often find companies that require to make mobile applications for marketing and branding. Customers often have a lot of requests that aim to achieve an application of this kind aesthetically gorgeous, but not always useful for the purpose. What are the main problems to be solved to create branded applications?

Brand Applications that look like paper catalogs

Maybe your client has very clear ideas: the application needs to do branding, or it must be a copy of the catalog of its products?
Tabletize is an excellent tool for both purposes: if your customer requires a product catalog for sales network, you can create your application simply uploading the pdf file of your client. But are we sure that those who want to do branding require this?
Branded application must introduce company, and it must do so in an interactive and useful for this purpose: focuse more on brand, company’s philosophy and mission. Add video presentation of your customer business, how to contact the company and an interactive map to get there.
In this way, your customer will have an interactive business card to offer to clients, improving his image and giving your customer with professionalism and modernity.

Applications not related to social channels

Think about it: there are a myriad of branded applications in the app store  that do not give opportunity to know the company’s social universe. If it is a branded app, what is the point then create it if you do not maintain the connection between the user and the company. The brand app has the ultimate goal to introduce the company to you, trying to keep it connected to it and get used to the online presence. It’s the basis of marketing, right? ;)
When creating branded app for your customers, always remember to put the right connections to the social channels. Increase its online presence and you will have a happier customer. And satisfied customers always come back ;)

Do not create annoying branded app

We often get in our smartphone application that sends push notifications constantly, sometimes very annoying. Remember that branded app needs to do branding and establish a positive relationship between user and brand, not the opposite effect. Do not be annoying, therefore, with push notifications in your customers applications!


And now..it’s time to create KILLER BRANDED APP. Get started with Tabletize !

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